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Romie came into our program in 2011 after she was rescued from a hoarding situation after originally being rescued from a puppy mill.  Romie was appx 7 years old at that time.  She was so shut down and fearful that it took months and months of patience from her foster mom to be able to touch her without Romie being overcome with panic.  As she began to feel more comfortable with her surroundings, her foster mom would hear little noises in the night and would find Romie up, while everyone else is asleep, making toys out of miscellaneous things around the house.  In the morning all four corners of the area rug in the living room would be folded up and Romie would have a collection of toys, bottles, chews, and other silly items in a pile in the middle from her nighttime romp!!!  Due to her senior age and the fact that Romie is still learning to trust humans (though she no longer hides when strangers come to visit) we made the decision to place Romie in our “forever foster” program where she will be able to stay in the foster home that she has come to know and trust and live out her days there where she feels safe and has a human that she loves.  When a dog moves into our “forever foster” program, we provide for all of their needs and medical care until they cross the rainbow bridge.  Generally speaking this is due to physical medical needs that deem them “un-adoptable” but in Romie’s case it is due to her emotional medical needs.  Sponsorship for Romie will help us cover the costs of her continued care, including food, treats, hygiene care, monthly preventatives, and regular vetting.

All donations for Romie will go specifically towards medical costs, grooming and food. You can choose to be a one time sponsor or a monthly sponsor.

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