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Meet Snooty Super Hero, Amadeus!!!!  Amadeus is an approximately 2 year old male German Shepherd.  Amadeus came into our program in the summer of 2014 after he became paralyzed during a heartworm treatment injection.  We sent Amadeus to UGA vet school so that their neuro department could fully evaluate him in hopes that there might be a procedure or treatment that could restore his mobility, but unfortunately, there was not.  Amadeus is now in our Forever Foster program where he will live with his foster mom for the rest of his life and we will continue to provide for all of his needs.  Amadeus currently attends three days of physical therapy and rehab where he exercises in the underwater treadmill, receives laser therapy, acupuncture, and works on his core and back muscles with a variety of exercises.  Amadeus is an amazingly loving boy who enjoys hanging with his sister Zoey (a Snooty alumnae), fetching tennis balls during cart time, and chewing (only on appropriate things!!!!).

AMADEUS’ SUPER POWER is swimming like a fish with lightning speed, using only his front legs while carrying his Chuck It retriever toy in his mouth.  Legend has it that he has saved many a toad from certain death at his favorite swimming hole.

Please consider being a super hero yourself and sponsoring Amadeus either through donation for his lifetime care or by shopping for Amadeus on his Amazon Wish List.



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We have created Amadeus his very OWN Wish list, how great is this!!!!!

Click here to go to Amadeus's Amazon wish list & start shopping!!!

Click here to go to Amadeus’s Amazon wish list & start shopping!!!



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