“SUPER SNOOTIES” with Super Powers


with Super Powers

Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue originally began as strictly a senior, medical needs, and hospice rescue. Over the years we have grown into an “all needs” rescue, but those with special needs due to age, medical conditions, and emotional set backs are still our passion and make up approximately 80% of our intakes. Many of these special needs intakes are either “long-term fosters” meaning they are adoptable, but will take a very long time to become healthy and find a forever home, or they are “forever fosters,” meaning they are in hospice homes due to terminal illness or extreme geriatric care. The costly care of these particular dogs certainly adds up and we are hoping that our new “SUPER SNOOTIES” sponsor program will not only help lessen the financial stress in caring for these dogs…but also that it will give our fans and followers and opportunity to feel involved and connected to a special canine “buddy.” When you become a Special Snooty Sponsor you will receive an update from that dog’s foster family or Snooty staff with pictures and a letter detailing how that dog is doing.

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