Virtual run for Wumbo

A HUGE THANK YOU SHOUTOUT to everyone that helped with #irunforwumbo!!!


Wumbo Virtual Run

June 5th, 2016

Come walk with Wumbo!!!

11am Erwin Walking Trail

Spring Hill, Tn

(Kedron Road in Spring Hill, TN just south of the Civil War canon and Tri Star ER.)


Time to do your stretches and get your running shoes on because it’s time to RUN FOR WUMBO….Virtually!!!!  You can be ANYWHERE in the world and run/walk for Wumbo. Sign up today

For those of you who don’t know Wumbo and his story, he is a Super Snooty in the Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue program. Super Snooties are the special needs dogs at Snooty G. But we prefer to think of their special needs as “super powers”. Super Snooties can have a range of medical complications such as terminal illnesses like cancer, neuroligical disorders, paralysis, chronic illnesses such as diabetes, etc. Wumbo is a case that we have never had. As a young puppy it is suspected that he was exposed to neosporosis that caused neurological damage. His breeder took him into the vet at 5 weeks of age to be euthanized because he lost the use of his back legs. Fortunately, a kind vet tech at the clinic took him in and reached out to us for assistance. He began antibiotic treatment for the suspected cause and then began rehab in our program. Wumbo can move his back legs, but because he spent several formative weeks of growth and development maneuvering the best he could, it caused deformatives that didn’t allow him to stand up and walk. With physical therapy and a cart, he has progressed beautifully and we do believe that one day he will walk on his own again. He is so strong and so determined. His right leg was the least affected, because he favored dragging on his left side. His right leg is now very strong but the left leg has not kept up the pace. We still have some growing time to see changes made, but it is possible that we will have to amputate the left leg if it does not begin to straighten as it bows into the right and interferes with the movement of his good leg.

It’s simple….Run For Wumbo So He Can Walk Again!!!! Wumbo has been going to rehab for almost two months now and will need continued rehab for a very long time, whether we have to amputate or not, in order for him to succeed at walking again. He attends rehab three days a week at Animalia Health and Wellness and even though we receive a wonderful discount, his vet bills add up quickly and giving up on Wumbo just is not an option!!!!



A virtual run is exactly that…..a competitive run with all the swag, but you don’t have to show up at a certain date and time. You can run OR WALK your race anytime and anywhere that you want!!!! Even on a treadmill if that’s your run/walk of choice!!!! In the woods, on the sidewalk, at the track, in the mall….first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night….it doesn’t matter because it’s VIRTUAL!!!! You can learn more about virtual runs from our run host, Four Legged Running, at We are so excited to be partnering with them for this event!!! Wonderful to work with and so generous with their donation portion of the entrance fee to the rescue!!!! For every registration….Wumbo gets $20 to go towards his rehab expenses!!!! That is huge!!! And for those of you who are all about the swag…they’ve got it covered!!! You can register to race at a discount just for the medal (pictures coming soon) or you can register for the full swag bag and get the medal, t-shirt, dog bandana, and koozie!!!



Anyone can!!!! Right now so many are training for 5k’s and marathons coming up across the country. Why not register for Wumbo’s virtual run as part of your training? Get your running groups together and make it your own event!!! Great opportunity for kids to exercise and promote a great cause….so see if your scout troops, church groups, or athletic teams want to participate!!!! Wumbo is going to have a special team of his own….his rehab buddies will be clocking their time in the underwater treadmill right along with him and we will document that right here on the event page, all along the way!!!

YES!!!! If you would like to sponsor a runner or a dog, you just have to register for them!!!!! Easy breezy!!!

We would LOVE for all those who are participating to post pictures here on the event page as well as social media!!! Post once you register, post when you are running/walking, post when you are done and post once you get your swag!!! WE WANT TO CHEER YOU ON AS WELL!!!! Show us your “w” fingers for Wumbo (okay, we will post a pic of that soon) and make sure and use the hashtag #irunforwumbo when posting on social media!!!!!
Also….SHARE SHARE SHARE….invite your friends to the event page and let’s see if we can make Wumbo’s virtual run THE BIGGEST VIRTUAL RUN EVER!!!!

Registration begins this Thursday, Febuary 11th!!! You can register until May 31st, 2016 and you have until June 30th to complete your race!!!

If you have any questions about the virtual run, feel free to contact our host Angela at and she is happy to answer them. She will also be at the Run Expo at the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville this Thursday, the 11th, from 3-7, and Friday the 12th, from 12-6, to answer questions and register runners. If you would like to register online, click on the link!!!