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Willing Lea is a female Shih-Tzu “Forever Foster,” in the SGDR program, that is almost a year old  who came into the program when she was six weeks old, she is a forever foster in our program.  Willing Lea has cerebellar hypoplasia and micro vascular dysplasia.  Cerebellar Hypoplasia causes tremors and ataxia which make simple things such as eating, walking, and sometimes even just holding your head up difficult.  Through lots of physical therapy to develop muscle memory and core strength, Willing Lea has come farther than any ever expected and now she not only walks, but runs.  It takes so much mental and physical energy for her to do this….but the little does it!!!!  The Micro Vascular Dysplasia is potentially her biggest struggle and the reason that Willing Lea is currently in our forever foster program.  MVD is the result of hundreds of tiny “bubbles” in the arteries that take the blood from the heart to to the liver to be filtered.  Because of these bubbles blocking the way, Willing Lea’s liver cannot clean her blood.  Right now, other than being extra extra tiny….Willing Lea is having no complications and her blood work is clean of ammonia, but we won’t really know what the future holds for her until she around the age of 1.  Willing lets none of this get in her way, just like all the Super Snooties….perseverance is what they know best..  Someone tells her she can’t walk…she runs.  Someone tells her she will never grow…she just grows in personality and strength……Willing Lea’s super power is conviction….and she’s sticking to it!