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Munzie Giggles is an approximately 8 year old French Bulldog who was confiscated from a breeder for neglect along with his companion, Wilhetta, and brought into Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue in December of 2014.  Sadly, on Christmas morning, Wilhetta died suddenly in Shawn’s arms from what appeared to be cardiac arrest, after getting very excited about breakfast. Munzie was lost. He grieved his sweet Wilhetta for weeks and weeks, before finally giving into the love of a human. Munzie had rectal bleeding from the beginning of his rescue, but test after test showed no reason for it. One day, during an exam, it was discovered that an old bone was lodged inside his bum and everyone cheered for joy assuming the problem was finally solved. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and two weeks later after the bleeding continued it was discovered that he had rectal cancer. After contemplating the pros and cons of surgery, it was decided that the risks were too great for a dog of his age and breed, offering very little chance of adding quality time to his life. On that day it was decided that Munzie would simply be given the opportunity to use every single day he had left to make up for all of the life, love, and adventures that he had missed during his 8 years of being caged and used for nothing more than breeding. His journal of Living Large will document making each day count and living “Snooty Strong”!!!!

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Munzie Giggles: A Journal of Living Large

All donations for Munzie will go specifically towards medical costs, grooming and food. You can choose to be a one time sponsor or a monthly sponsor.

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