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 Cha Cha & La La

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Cha Cha and La La are a very bonded pair of 7 year old Chihuahuas who were rescued from a puppy mill.  Both girls had medical issues from being over bred and kept in unhealthy conditions.  They were extremely shut down and did not trust humans.  It has been two years since they have been in our program with no inquiries for adoption so they are now considered “long term fosters”.  We knew that it would be difficult to find  a home for them together, but their bond was too deep to separate them.  They are now super sweet and friendly girls who enjoy playing outside with their foster siblings and spending as much time in the sun as possible.  They meet strangers hesitantly, but enjoy their love attention instead of being fearful of it.  Sponsorship of Cha Cha and La La will help cover the costs of their continued care including food, treats, sweaters and coats for cold weather, bedding, wee pads, monthly preventatives, and regular vet care.

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