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Bumpus Higgins

Bumpus Higgins biopsy results are back. Though we knew that it wasn’t going to be good, this is a type of cancer that we have personally never dealt with, so I’m eager to research and learn more about it. He has apocrine gland adenocarcinoma http://www.wearethecure.org/apocrine-gland-tumors. Bumpus is an 8 year old English Bulldog, which of course, is old for an EBD as their life expectancy on average is 8, so we will not put him through chemotherapy, but we are waiting to hear from the oncologist about what to expect and then we will be looking at holistic treatments to help with continuing quality of life. Bumpus is a happy boy and enjoying his foster home….we have already done corrective surgery on his pallet so that his breathing isn’t as labored and corrected his entropion eyelids so that he has no more eye pain. Currently the cancer is not making him ill in anyway and he very much loves life. He will obviously become a hospice dog in our program.


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