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Project Reward offers classes to those that would not be able to afford them. We also offer low cost classes to dogs recently adopted from local shelters and rescue organizations.

**Puppies 6 months and younger adopted from local shelters are given a free Puppy Foundations class. (proof of adoption required)***

Training Classes are a great opportunity to start a foundation with you dog as well as get the unruly dog under control. Our classes are geared towards obtaining a family pet that is well behaved in the home as well in public. Classes include Puppy, & Basic.


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Puppy Foundations 

In this six week foundation puppy class, you will learn how to appropriately mark and reinforce wanted (and unwanted) behaviors. Your new puppy will become proficient in his/her leash manners and default behaviors such as eye contact, sit and down and will have opportunities to play during class. After completing this course, your puppy will be well on his/her way to having great skills as an adult. Classes will be approximately 1 hour, with play time being held at the end.




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Basic Obedience

This six week foundation obedience course is for “teenage (6-months) to adult ” dogs as well as our Puppy Obedience class graduates. You will be given equipment recommendations to set you and your dog up for life long success. Your dog’s understanding to soften leash pressure and become comfortable in the heel position will be primary goals. Reinforcement and reliability of the following commands will also be introduced:  eye contact, heel, sit, down, stay, recall. 



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